can I trial nametag before paying?

Sure! Try us for 30 days free, no credit card needed.

The trial starts after you add nametag to your Slack workspace and pick a channel during set up. nametag will ask members of that channel if they want to opt in.

how is nametag different from other social Slack apps?

We focus on quality 1:1 pairings for team bonding. Other apps (cough...🍩) match people randomly, which feels awkward and forced. In the real world, we'd rarely walk up to a stranger and start a conversation of substance, so why are tools for remote work built this way?

nametag believes warm intros create better connections. We give individuals the power to decide how they want to be connected:

🤝 Match with people you've interacted with briefly. Every Friday, receive a list of people you DMed for the first time that week.
🍿 Match with people based on a specific topic you're excited to discuss.

why is making time for informal communication important?

People who have friends at work are more likely to enjoy their job, perform at a high level, and feel invested in their company.¹ In remote teams, there are fewer bonding opportunities, and creating genuine connections requires intentionality. nametag helps remote teams do this organically.

Looking for more remote work best practices? Check out our blog.

how do people on my team start participating?

When you add nametag to your Slack workspace, you'll pick an initial channel to get started. We'll DM members of that channel to see if they want to opt in.

As new people join the company, we'll also reach out directly and see if they'd like to opt in.

We recommend setting a goal (and example!) from leadership/the people team/excited employees that taking time every week or two to have a 1:1 chat is important. We've seen teams have success with raffles of coffee ☕️ or swag 👕 for people that participate in matches. Even just posting a reminder in a channel and asking to hear what people spoke about creates a lot of engagement.

what's all this "about me" & "how to work with me" talk?

Research has shown that the primary driver of team performance is a "climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.²

nametag's 🖊 about me profiles help teammates bring their whole selves to work. From sharing hobbies and MBTIs to career goals and feedback preferences, reduce potential misunderstandings and build a culture of empathy and trust. nametag creates ongoing engagement with these profiles at the moment they're most relevant.

Use our about me templates, or ask teammates to link what you already use to nametag—company directory pages, Google Docs, or personal websites/LinkedIn profiles.

how does pricing work?

We charge a base fee of $30/month. This includes up to 15 active users, and each additional active user is $1/month.

An active user is someone who is opted into nametag matching. If someone opts-in on March 15th and your billing cycle starts on March 1st, we won't charge you until April 1st. Similarly, if someone opts out on March 15th, you'll have paid $1 for that user for March but they'll be removed from your April charge.

We typically see an opt-in rate is 60%, so for a workspace of 100 people with 60 opted in, you can expect to pay ~$75 monthly.

If a user opted into nametag weekly summaries schedules a meeting with someone not opted in, we only charge for the opted in user.

is my data secure?

Absolutely! nametag cannot view or read private DMs or private channels in your workspace. We can only view direct responses to the nametag bot.

When you uninstall the app, all data apart from your email and the name of your Slack workspace is removed (any data can be removed upon request). Read more about our privacy policy at nametag.work/privacy.

more questions? email us at support@nametag.work
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